Victim-Survivor Individual Counseling & Group Therapy


Victim-Survivor Individual Counseling & Group Therapy Counseling is provided for those who have experienced domestic violence in all forms, including physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Survivors can expect confidential services focusing on safety, support and empowerment. Both individual and group counseling support is available to assist survivors in healing

Court-Ordered Adult Counseling


Court-Ordered Adult Counseling SafeNest offers programs for male and female domestic violence offenders that are open to both voluntary and court-ordered participants. The state-certified group counseling program works with perpetrators on topics that include responsibility and accountability, behaviors and choices, belief systems about male/female family roles, the effects of abuse and alternatives

Court-Ordered Adolescent Group Counseling


Court-Ordered Adolescent Group Counseling The Court-Ordered Adolescent Group was developed for teens who are or have been abusive toward family members or dating partners. This group focuses on several topics including defining power and violence, exploring anger, alternatives to violence, choices and responsibility, personal rights, power and control versus equality, healthy dating