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Staying at the SafeNest shelter

  • Safe & Private. Because our shelters are in secure, private locations, residents are asked to keep the location secret, as well as the stories of others staying there.
  • Free to Stay. Residents do not pay to stay. The average stay at shelter is 60 days.
  • Transportation. You can bring your vehicle if it is registered to you or you are married to the registered owner. For the safety of you and the other residents we ask that you ensure your car is not equipped with a tracking device from a financial institution or your partner. IF you have any concerns please discuss during your phone intake.  Safe Nest does provide bus passes to assist in transportation during your stay.
  • Basic Needs. Necessities are provided at shelter, including food, clothing and toiletries for the first few days of your stay.
  • Sleeping Arrangements. Single residents will likely share a bedroom. Every attempt is given to provide families with their own room. Common areas are shared, including bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms and laundry rooms.
  • Visitor Policy. No visitors are allowed at SafeNest shelters, but we work with a local vet to secure temporary housing for your beloved pets.
  • Action Plan. Counselors and advocates work with residents daily to advise with long-term planning, legal help and other available social services.
  • Technology Access. Limited computer and online resources are available as needed. Free cell phones are provided for 911 calls only.

Click HERE for a Safety Plan outline that covers the basics of getting out of danger, staying safe and planning for your future.

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